Season of Salt & Honey

“It’s not realistic, is it? Forever. What does that even mean?” Francesca (Frankie) Caputo’s life has been tipped upside down. In an instant all of her ‘forevers’, her future plans, have vanished; devoured by an ocean that has claimed her fiancée and high-school sweetheart, Alex Gardner.

When secrets and sorrow seem to be the only things left Frankie, consummate good girl and loyal granddaughter of Italian migrants, does what any of us might do – she runs – into the coastal Washington forest, to the safety of Alex’s family cabin and away from her heartache. Perhaps too, away from her meddling, well-meaning Aunties and her cool, unaccepting almost-Mother-in-law, Mrs Gardner. But what Frankie doesn’t expect is for her estranged sister, Bella, to show up unannounced at the cabin door and for her remote and wild neighborhood to be brimming with people soon to take an important place in her life and heart – the shy and mysterious Summer Harrison, friendly, flame-haired Merriem, curious, elf-like Huia and Huia’s handsome, protective father, Jack. In this season of sweetness and sadness, grief and hope, Frankie must finally face the truths she has been running from.

Full of delicious Sicilian-American food and characters, friendships, betrayals, family and love, Season of Salt and Honey shows us the treasures that can be foraged and found during the most difficult times, treasures that are hidden in the most unlikely of places.

‘A lovely, charming read with enough salt to make it interesting and enough honey to make it sweet.’ – Frances Whiting, author of Walking on Trampolines

‘A beautiful exploration of love and loss, and the ways in which unexpected family, new and old friends, and even a spring risotto and warm banana bread can bring comfort, change, and hope.’ – Mia March, author of The Meryl Streep Movie Club