Great Films of 2012

Some of you may remember I made a little public resolution on here some time ago. I resolved to note down all the great films I watched in 2012. It’s funny; 85% of the films were watched prior to May 2012. Baby number two arrived April 25th 2012. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Suddenly watching a dvd from start to finish become a luxury again and it just didn’t happen for many, many months. But when it did – oooooh, it was nice, let me tell you. There are some wonderful filmmakers out there, making some incredible visual stories; don’t you agree? I always feel so inspired and hopeful after watching a great film that perhaps the world isn’t going down the toilet. Do you feel that way too? Perhaps I should resolve to watch more films and less news, as the latter seems to have the opposite effect.

So, in the spirit of sharing inspiration, I am posting my list here in case you’re looking for a good flick to see in the New Year. I should warn you in advance that my husband rolls his eyes at my movie choices, so they won’t suit everyone, of course. He prefers the film equivalent of a burger – comforting and unsurprising with added cheese. (Touche!) Bless his cotton socks. In saying that sometimes his films are exactly what I need to get me belly-laughing (Hello, Hot Tub Time Machine) but on other occasions I need one of my movies. Charming, layered, emotive and optimistic. Often foreign or based on true events with a good love story threaded through it. Those are the movies for me. And on that note, here we go, the films I loved in 2012:

Top Five:

1. Little White Lies – ensemble French film featuring Marion Cottillard (crush!), in the style of The Big Chill.

2. Buck – documentary about a bruised, big-hearted horse trainer, who believes in being gentle.

3. Zelary – moving Czech film, set in WWII, about a nurse escaping to a tiny village. And falling in love (of course) in unexpected ways.

4. Oranges and Sunshine – heartstrings yanking Australian film based on the real events of children migrating from England during WWII (warning: I cried buckets)

5. Creation – love story between Charles Darwin and his wife, Charles Darwin and his daughter, Charles Darwin and Science. Tender and sweet, beautifully shot.

And then, in no particular order, some other good’uns: My Afternoons with Margueritte, In a Better World / Haevnen, The Runaways, The Help, Separation City, French Film, Ides of March, The Descendants, Jeff, Who Lives At Home. These films were good viewing; some sweet, some sad, some funny and I’d recommend them all for different  moods or company. So, there you go, my very limited film watching adventures of 2012. Did you watch any good films in 2012? Did you watch any of the ones on my list? Love or loathe?

And, more importantly, what should I see in 2013? Baby is nine months old now (I know, where does time go?!) and I am starting to re-discover evenings. You know, that time when the sun goes down and the dishes are in the dishwasher and you can sit on the couch for a few minutes? I know, mine got lost for a few months there. But I plan to re-claim them, people, and fill them with great stories. So send me your tips… x

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