2012: the year I had to…

A friend of mine recently completed this sentence as his status on facebook. Perhaps it is the latest five second trend; I have no idea. What I do know is that it got me thinking. 2012: the year I had to…?

Surrender. If I only get one word, that would be it. If I get a few more it might be something like: surrender, adapt, work like crazy. Or something light-hearted: say goodbye to sleep. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, that’s for sure. My knuckles are still pale. It’s had its highlights but it’s not been gentle.

For starters, we left our lovely Vancouver, bound for New Zealand.

Then we had a little baby.

Then we left our lovely New Zealand, bound for Australia.

We juggled my husband’s work, my work, two young girls and living with extended family. Just in case I might find time to get bored I started a new blog project with a good friend. Sometimes it worked. Often it didn’t. Regularly I burst into tears. I had to stop wishing for things to be different. I had to stop solving situations that needed to just be. I like to think of myself as pretty adaptable, but I’m better at making change in my life rather than being on the receiving end. Aren’t we all?

I keep reminding myself that the most important things are great – my health, my husband’s health, my girls – both healthy and happy. Now those are blessings. We got to spend a lot more time together and a lot more time with our families than we have in years we’ve lived away. We got some Southern hemisphere sunshine, found a wonderful midwife to help us have our youngest and took long walks on the beach with our eldest. My husband and I each got time to work as well as spend time with the girls. I even managed to bash out a first draft of a manscript. Yeeha! Watch this space! It, like my year, is a bit messy and shambolic but it’s there; ready to be moulded and cut and re-shaped.

So, what is in store for 2013? I have absolutely no idea and have almost stopped guessing. I have a little wish-list, of course. I’d love it to be a little less turbulent. I’d like a few less changes and time to get my head above water every now and then. I’d like to work a lot and play at least a little. I’d like to introduce you to my new blog project. I’d like to keep in better contact with friends. And readers. And my editors, who I cannot wait to work with again. I’d love to keep up the good health and family time.

Tell me how you would finish the sentence: “2012: The Year you had to…”? I’d love to hear your answers. And because I won’t be back here until 2013 I’d like to wish you a very, very Merry Christmas and festive season. Thank you so much for dropping by, leaving comments and sending messages. May 2013 bring you and yours a wealth of happinesses.

With love, Hannah x

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  1. Hélène
    December 22, 2012 at 12:13 am (5 years ago)

    Dearest Hannah,

    It was lovely to read you, I feel talking to you!
    Your blog is beautiful, easy to navigate, fonts are retro style, colors and background warm and feminine…

    Thank you for sharing with us some of your news.
    Year 2012 was amazing for us too.

    2012, the year I had to…

    I totally agree with you, if there’s space for one word only, it would be surrender. This is my everyday prayer, and my everyday gratitude.

    The 2nd world would be gratitude.
    Yes Year 2012 really treated us well, very well.
    Girls are healthy, so are my husband and I. Ambiance at house are, most of the time, cheerful and delightful.
    I’m working for a great company, with fabulous team mates, nice, smart and open minded bosses. I have trust, acknowledgement and freedom, what ask for more?

    Jean has finally found the project that he was longing for, create a culinary art school and a restaurant, a platform that he can link the world top professionals with the students, a place where everyone can learn, admire these alchemists of ingredients…
    It is not easy. We work like crazy, sometimes, and very often, we could not spend more then 10 minutes together a day… But no time to complain. We had to move forward. We had to be creative. We had to be responsible.

    Year 2012, I had to admit that I am a human, so sometimes I’m weak, very often, I cannot do everything by myself. I had to reduce my charity / community responsibility, I had to admit that I cannot please everyone and I don’t have to accept everyone in my life as a friend.

    Year 2012, I had to let go my babies, now that I have 2 young ladies! Louise starts to think university and career while Jade is worry about losing me as I’m getting seriously old ^.^

    Year 2012, I had to do some challenging jobs, swallow my tears and frustration, be calm and execute.

    Year 2012, I received so many love, so many friendship, so many support and some wonderful surprise…

    Year 2012, year of miracles and marvels, year of challenges and blessing!
    Wish you, my dearest Hannah, and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

    Much love,


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