High Tea in Concord.

Okay, this one is for those of you out there who enjoy a cup of tea, a chat and scrumptious home-made baked goodies…..Aha! I knew that would get your attention.

Saturday, 22 December – mark it in your calendars!

Look at that tea stand, would you? Don’t you just want to pluck a treat off your screen right now?

Come for a bite at Knowledge Bites

I’m really excited to be part of this High Tea event at Knowledge Bites Cafe in Concord Library. I’m a regular at Knowledge Bites Cafe and a big fan of their range of Tea Tonic teas. The dark chocolate and black tea is crazy yummy. I’ve frequented lots of libraries (read here about my library obsession) but few of them have included a cafe. Genius! It’s almost unhealthy how often I can be found there…

Taryn, cafe owner and mastermind behind the event, is, as Anne of Green Gables would describe it, a “kindred spirit”. She made the food you see in the photo above and below. For those of you who have read The Colour of Tea, I can tell you that her sweets would give Grace’s a run for their money. Taryn also styled the entire photo shoot including models’ hair and makeup and all the props. But that’s not all, she hand-painted that screen. Seriously. I know, right?! She’s one of those lucky people that seem to have been born with creativity in startling abundance.

The best part is that she shares her creativity through her work. The other day I was offering sympathy for the early and long hours she puts in but she waved it away with: “No, no [don’t feel sorry for me] it’s my passion.” And as she said it her eyes lit up and I thought – Yes! This woman is The Business! As you already know, I love it when people follow their hearts. Of course following your heart is not without its challenges. Sometimes it’s downright tough. But in the end….it’s worth it. At least you get to feel like, be and celebrate yourself. I just know you know what I am talking about.

So on that note, please come join Taryn, her team and I as we share the things we are passionate about: baking, pretty tea cups and tea stands; books, writing and good conversation. If all that doesn’t get you in a merry, festive mood, I don’t know what will. See you there, Sydneysiders!

What: Author Talk, High Tea and Festive Surprises, Cost: $25 per person, Where: Knowledge Bites Cafe in Concord Library, 60 Flavelle St, Sydney, Australia When: 12.00 & 2.00pm sittings, Saturday 22 December, 2012 How: Contact Taryn on 0403 405 418 or email: knowledgesbitescafe@gmail.com.

P.S. For those of you not based “Downunder” I promise to eat ridiculous amounts of food, take a zillion photos and tell you all about it in great detail here soon. X

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