Breakfast of Champions.

So, a few of you know that I am a breakfast fan (follow my ‘A week of breakfasts’ series posts here). I never used to be. In fact the very idea of breakfast could send my stomach into revolt. Eating? So early? All those namby-pamby non-foods like soggy cereal and limp toast? No thanks!

But something changed. Age? Now I am one of those people who thinks breakfast is maaaaarvellous, dahlin’ and daydreams about breakfast foods at inappropriate times – fluffy  french toast with crispy, salty bacon and drizzles of syrup for dinner, anyone??

So you can imagine my pleasure when Orangette posted this fabulous granola (that’s muesli to many of you) recipe on her blog. I couldn’t help myself, I was straight to the store for pecans and maple syrup. Just as she describes, it is a heavenly combination of sweet and salty, toasted and crunchy; and yes, you will want to tear the oven door off its hinges and munch down scalding handfuls while it is still cooking. It smells unreal. I urge you to try it, if you dare.

The only aspect of this sensational recipe I found ridiculous was her note at the end of the recipe: ‘Will keep at room temperature for up to a month’. PAH HA HA HA! As if you will be able to keep yourself from eating it all day long and have it endure longer than three days. Oh, Orangette, you are so funny…

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  1. Ria
    June 29, 2012 at 4:37 pm (5 years ago)

    Sounds delicious! I do love a good granola.


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