Made by hand.

Warning: This documentary will tempt you to make something by hand OR buy something from Herriot Grace (because I am lazy and overrun by babies I am already eyeing up my credit card.)

Was I right? Are you thinking about crafting or checking out shipping options?! I am also pondering buying chic black frame glasses and cutting myself some cute bangs. Thanks Nikole… between hairdressers bills and buying up incredible, handmade wooden spoons my wallet is set to get a thrashing!! 😉

What I love about this film is, of course, John Herriot. His wisdom and advice is as clear and simple as a cool drink of water. Do what you love. Don’t do it for the money. Work with people you love. Respect your materials (I got goosebumps when he spoke about how a piece of wood dictates what it is going to be). How inspiring it is to watch a person get joy from what they do for a living. In fact, it might be deeper than joy. It might be purpose.

For more of the same, check out this post about sensational NY chocolatiers (and brothers). And if you are on a journey to figuring out what you love or how to make what you love your daily doing, like I was, then I very sincerely wish you love and luck. A bumpy journey but well worth it for the destination, I can attest to that. Besides, like John says “There’s no road that doesn’t have a bump in it.” Right? x

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