A Bjork renaissance.

I used to have a love affair with Bjork. She’s just so….Bjork. Her name should almost be an adjective don’t you think? So when this song came my way I had to post it for you. (Despite being told by my friend Erin – “Stop posting music, I’m spending too much on iTunes!” Sorry Erin!)

This song came my way because I was listening to the BBC Dessert Island Discs interview with David Walliams (the “Tall one” from Little Britain). If you have not already listened to BBC Dessert Island Discs then I urge you to; it’s fantastic. Wren and I listen to it over our toast and tea in the morning. The basic premise is – a celebrity selects music tracks to listen to if banished to a dessert island (plus a book, plus a luxury) and explains their music choices whilst discussing their life and background. David Walliams was a fascinating interview because all his music choices reminded me of a particular ex-boyfriend’s “liquorice” music tastes – sweet but dark. He was also much less cheerful than you’d imagine for a comedian and I quite liked that. Just goes to show that it takes all types for all kinds of work and passions.

So, enjoy this song by Bjork; I sure did. Apologies if it makes you spend your pennies on iTunes! This song just grabbed hold of my hand and took me for a little stroll down memory lane…

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