In a world where doing things quickly (getting from a to b, labour, producing your art form of choice, communicating etc etc)  is so highly regarded it’s nice to see something slow. Reaaaaaal sloooow – 1,000 frames per second. Isn’t it gorgeous? It helps that the music is pretty sensational. That’s Radiohead’s Everything in it’s Right Place, the song title reflecting the whole m.o. of ballet, don’t you think? Everything in it’s Right Place? Bodily precision? Perfect music pairing for the clip!

These days, only a few weeks left to go in the pregnancy, I am moving a lot slower myself. And enjoying it. I am taking naps when my daughter does (sorry, that should read IF, if my daughter takes her nap) and gripping hold of the tail of the New Zealand summer by playing in rock pools and having long picnic lunches. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it. Life will soon be very busy and time will rush past in a blur. I figure it’s best to celebrate the slow, for now, and soak Life up like good gravy. Don’t you agree?

(Thanks to A Cup of Jo for posting this video. A reminder to relish the beauty of Slow.)

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