3 is the magic number.

A tip for upheavals, crazy-busy periods and ‘funks’:

As I look ahead into newborn adventure number two I am digging out more than just old onesies and baby carriers. I am starting to recall memories from that murky, misty time just after Wren was born and when my brain turned to mush (by the way, it’s never fully recovered, I am comfortable with that now!) One of the most astonishing things, for me, was the instant and overwhelming inability to get anything at all done in a day. Perhaps I am not the most productive person I know, but surely I wasn’t the least?? Or was I?? It definitely felt like it.

So here, with you, I share the tip that got me out of my funk. I still use it occasionally, when procrastination / lack of motivation get me down. I plan to be using it again very shortly. It’s crazy simple and it makes you feel much better about life.

Here it is: Put only three things on your to-do list.

Yes, that’s three things, for a whole day. Don’t go breaking the rules before you start (surely I can do six?), just try it. Personally, I wrote my list in my diary, often before I went to bed the night before. They were ambitious things like “Do load of laundry” or “Book chiropractor”. Sometimes I got them all done in the morning and felt like a superhero the rest of the day. Sometimes it got close to the wire and they weren’t finished until later at night. Either way I felt purposeful. I enjoyed crossing off my items and slowly, so sloooooowly, I started to feel a little more in control. Don’t get me wrong, I am under no illusion that I actually am in control (gorgeous / ferocious toddler makes sure of that) but the fleeting feeling sure is nice. I found it one way to help get through a transition when I felt very overwhelmed. I am sure it would work well for a change of career time or a moving of countries time as well as a brand new baby time.

So, whatever the cause of your oh-my-goodness-I-am-drowning-not-waving-out-here, if you try it, feel free to comment and let me know how it goes for you. I’m convinced that three is indeed the magic number!

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