The Head and the Heart.

I am trying to keep up with some new music. New to me, I should add. It’s not really working. Life is a bit ‘chockers’ right now, as us kiwis would say (that means “really full up”). But once in a blue moon or two something comes my way that lights up my soul. And here’s one of them: The Head and the Heart. Thought I’d post a live version of their ‘Down in the Valley’, which starts out slow and seductive and ends up jumpy and full of life.

Cool, huh? Make you want to play the violin with retro glasses? Or date a good-lookin’ bass guitarist? Or go on a road trip? Or all three? Oh, okay, maybe that’s just me.

[By the way, thanks to Soule Mama for introducing this behind-the-times Mama to some new tunes. Much appreciated.]


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