Pitter Patter.

For Christmas my Mama bought us a family present. A pair of lovely, handmade slippers for each of us! Aren’t they gorgeous? All slightly different shades of pewter and brown and lined with yummy, warming sheepskin.

But hang about…..there are FOUR pairs there. Matt- check, Wren – check, Me – check, who are the tiniest pair of slippers for??

You guessed it, we are expecting a wee one to fill the shoes 🙂

I’m not entirely sure why I have left it so late to ‘announce’ but we have a little babe on the way, due to arrive around mid April. Wren was a little late (three weeks, yikes!) so mid April might become early May if he / she is anything like his / her big sister….

Cannot quite believe we will have another baby in the family and I keep staring at those tiny slippers, wondering how on earth Wren was ever that small and how we can possibly be having another just-as-small one. I know it happens all over the world and every single second of the day but it is such a marvel, isn’t it?

To paraphrase the wonderful Mem Fox we are all very much looking forward to those ten little fingers, ten little toes and planting three little kisses on the end of its nose!  

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