Wearing many hats.

Wren successfully multi-tasks hat wearing and being charming.

How many of us juggle multiple responsibilities? Isn’t it just the norm these days? Volunteer work with paid work, passions with obligations, caring for parents, pets and children, writing and mama-hood… It can be a bit overwhelming,…don’t you agree? I am just a novice so far, only eighteen months into a juggle between caring for my daughter and writing (and a few other bits and bobs). I am always on the hunt for inspiration. People who manage two or more lives and don’t lose themselves in the cracks in between. People who seem happier for the split focus, perhaps even enriched by it. People who have stitched together an identity that merges their many diverse interests, responsibilities, passions and concerns. People who aren’t smug about it either, who admit there are difficult moments and laugh at themselves when it all comes unravelled from time to time.

This week I discovered a lovely book while Wren wrecked havoc in our local Chapters bookstore. The Rhythm of Family is about relishing the changing seasons with your family; it’s chock-full of recipes, insights and ideas for activities. When I got home and Her Ladyship was down for the count I googled the co-author, Amanda Blake Soule. Turns out she has a just-as-lovely blog, Soule Mama, all about writing and parenting and living in happy imperfection. She celebrates her way of living – living simply, knitting, crafting and cooking, enjoying her children, writing about it all – without promoting her way of living as the only way or inferring that she is oh-so-much-more-together-than-thou. Which is nice, because I often feel like my cobbled together kind of life is bits and tatters……….Her writing makes me feel like it might actually be a quilt…??

So, to all those women and men out there who are juggling multiple demands and making it work (even if it doesn’t feel like it), my hat goes off to you. x.

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