Book Love in Vancouver.


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Well! What a wonderful weekend I have had. A few months ago the marvellous Barbara-Jo (of Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks fame) offered to host a one-off book event in Vancouver to share The Colour of Tea with some family and friends who were having trouble ordering it from yonder. No stranger to the sensual combination of books and food, she suggested pairing a book reading and discussion with some Thierry macarons….ummm (extremely short pause) Yes, please!

No surprises that it drew in an all female crowd – vintage teacups full of hot cha, delicate, custom-made macarons straight from the pages of the book (Wow!), lots of delicious chit-chat. Doesn’t that sound like the recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon?? It certainly was for me. I am very, very grateful to everyone that came along and gave The Colour of Tea their support.

Merci beaucoup to :  Barbara-Jo and her team (Barb!) and Thierry and his team for all their efforts to make the event so special. The Mamas (Sandra, Dionne, Patti, Christie and Carrie) for being there…and for being there during so many other important times too; you are the absolute awesomest. Rachelle Delaney and Sue Werner, for bringing buddies and being the best cheerleaders. The radiant Ria Voros, who journeyed over ocean and never, ever fails to be encouraging. And, last but not least, Matthew, Paul and Wendy Ballesty, thank you for pouring tea, Wren-wrangling and being the best family a girl could find herself amongst.

Thierry macarons…. flavours direct from pages 51, 94 and 271!

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