Tastes from Thierry.

Thierry Macarons

Oh what a burden to just have to drop into Thierry (Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe) on the way back from family dim sum this morning. I apologized to my husband; sorry honey but it’s “work” (ahhh, a bit of a stretch?!) and he seemed to swallow that excuse so in we went. My daughter tumbled in first and if I wasn’t bound by socially acceptable adult behaviour I too would have squealed “Oooooooo!” at everything and sprinted around the store in happy circles. It’s modern, it’s French, it smells like coffee and sugar in various shapes and forms. Does it get any better than that??

In the name of aforementioned “work” we bought macarons in five different flavours and then waited until after dinner to have our tasting. I was only asked about five times, “Um, when are we eating those macarons?”, so I guess you could say they are aesthetically pleasing / tempting even to a person who is not a sweet tooth! The flavours we selected were: raspberry, blackberry, ginger, lime and macaron du jour (chocolate and mint).

Drumroll please!  The verdict: Lime was the winner for both of us, a really lovely almost keffir lime taste with a great balance of sweet and sour. Was a dark horse for me, not the kind of flavour that would be my first choice. The macaron du jour was my runner-up although not chocolate and mint as described but most definitely hazelnut (unless I am sorely mistaken)! I have a weakness for nut flavours and hazelnut always reminds me of nutella filled crepes…sigh… Ginger was also tasty, a “ginger kiss” sensation with a rich, creamy buttercream. I wasn’t as big a fan of the berry ones, Raspberry and Blackberry even though a berry was included in the centre of each one, the filling wasn’t as zingy and flavourful as I’d hoped. But these were good macarons. Good texture, not too hard, not too chewy, nice fillings. I’ll be coming back, Thierry! Merci!

And the winner is…Lime!

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