Peach and Arugula.

When I was dreaming up flavours for macarons (a pastime I can highly recommend) for The Colour of Tea a friend showed me a copy of the book “The Flavour Thesaurus” by Niki Segnit. This book is so wonderful I need to write a whole other post on it to give it its dues. But, in short, the function of this book is to categorize flavours and then pair them up like some kind a gastronomic matchmaker and wax lyrical about the delicious marriage. I had to stop reading it at night because it had me hopelessly racing about the house trying to find chocolate and chilli or apples and cheese. It became a wonderful torture that just had to be stopped.

This week I discovered a brand-new flavour combination. Peaches and Arugula (yup, that’s rocket). That’s right – soft, sticky grilled peaches and peppery, green arugula. Hmmm-mmm. I am sold. I didn’t invent this myself, it was on offer in a sandwich from my local supermarket (I live very near an insanely cool supermarket called Capers). It had quite a bit of mayonnaise goin’ on, and cheese, but the peach and arugula flavours were there, you could taste them, and they were good. Who would have thought it?

Peach and Arugula sandwich.

Candid close-up. Just to make you hungrier.


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