Days of honey.

Oh, sunny day! You might be sick of me talking about summer. Especially if you are reading this from the Southern hemisphere. Can I just say – I fought long and hard through the Vancouver winter for this season and I’m darn well going to relish it!! So at the risk of rubbing it in, here are a couple of photographs of things that are making me happy this week of August.

In fact, now that I have ranted and raved, you could enjoy these things just as easily in winter too. Any season really. A few glass milk bottles (I got these from Macau) and clippings of any seasonal flower, plus a good loaf of bread, honey and cheese. I’m enjoying mine with summery doses of fresh sunshine, but they’d brighten up biting winter mornings too.

Blossoms in Kowloon Dairy Company bottles.

Lavender and Rosemary bread, goats cheddar, Kitsilano honey.

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