Setting the mood.

You may already be familiar with the awesome-ness that is Design*Sponge? It is the design blog to end all design blogs and I luuuurve it. I have just noticed they hopped on the Midnight in Paris bandwagon and did a run-down on the style featured in the movie. It is a regular feature they call “Living in (Insert Movie Title)”, which plucks out design features (chairs, clothing, lamps) from a film and helps you to recreate the look. Here’s what I mean…

This is great fun for ordinary fantasizing but could also be very helpful if your writing is set in a certain period or place that resonates with a certain film. When I was writing The Colour of Tea I had a noticeboard covered in pictures, to guide me back into the story after time away. I would stare at it for a few minutes (okay, okay, sometimes longer, depending on how much I was procrastinating) and soak up the..ahhh….je ne sais quoi? My collage of images included cakes decorated with macarons, London street-scapes, and Parisian cafe interiors. It helped me leap back into the plot and the mind-space of the main character, Grace.

So, if you are doing any writing set in 1920’s Paris then this could be nice and useful. And if not, then it’s just nice. Any kind of transportation back to 1920’s Paris has to be a good thing, right? Whether it’s the nocturnal, magical kind that Owen Wilson’s character in the film experiences, or just a regular old daydream, like this inspires…

Thanks Design*Sponge! PS. Founder, Grace Bonney, has a new book out and it looks pretty great.



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  1. matt
    August 15, 2011 at 10:31 pm (6 years ago)

    The white dress with the red trim would have to be one of the best dresses ever, only to be topped by the yellow one she wears later in the club. I think HT would look great in both!


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