Freelance Whales.

I’m a little slow when it comes to new music and new bands. Like, reeeeaaaaal slow. Many an ex-boyfriend has thrown up his hands in disbelief. My favourite band of all time is Fleetwood Mac. I went to see them in Chicago with my parents and I knew more lyrics than they did. Thankfully my younger sister adores them with a similar passion, although I think she might see them as “retro” whereas I have the idea they are “contemporaries”…

Anyhoo, I have finally discovered a band that was formed after the 1980’s. I feel a little bit chuffed with myself. In fact, the band members look like they might be in their twenties. I suddenly feel “hip” and “with it”. Join me being self congratulatory and check out the Freelance Whales. The fact that they happen to have a song called “Hannah” is just a bonus. But, I think it makes them extra-‘specially rad. Right?

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