Magical BC Summer.

False Creek.

Yesterday my sister texted me hello from the laundromat. I replied that I was strolling in the sunshine, having just shopped at the pocket market at 7th and Vine. I had scored some zingy & yummy french sorrel and just-harvested teeny tiny Russian fingerling potatoes and was now headed to the park to feed Wren blueberries the size of donut holes. [Note: I blame my father for my tendency to exaggerate. Apparently it’s genetic.] Luckily, in this case, my sister lives a few million miles away and cannot reach to slap my chops for making her jealous. Ahhhh, we are finally having our magical BC Summer…

When we first arrived in Vancouver it was Fall and Fall fell into Winter. Everything got reeeeeaaaaal dark and reeeeeaaaal wet and I must admit I was concerned. I mused, ‘Hang on, I thought this was the world’s most livable city? I think it has rained about 40 days straight? Ummm, is there some kind of mistake?’ But everyone I met and queried about it (alright, yes, I complained) simply grinned and replied, ‘just wait till Summer’. I wasn’t sure whether to trust these people – they did go jogging in the pouring rain after all, that seemed suspicious and potentially borderline insane to me at the time – but I hung in there. Then Spring came, that was nice. Cherry blossoms, very pretty. And then Summer came, and oh, that was better than nice. It was magic! This is Summer number two for us and it has been a little while coming (we are not very patient) but now it is here…hip hip hooray!!

Let me explain how magical it is – Blackberries grow wild on the side of the road. Local ‘pocket markets’ pop up selling fresh, backyard-grown produce where there is always a delicious fruit, vegetable or herb you have never seen before. Farmers markets operate every weekend complete with farmers (of course), musicians, food trucks, chocolatiers and bakers. The sun shines and it doesn’t get dark until ten p.m. There is a spectacular fireworks evening set to music. Actually, there are three. At Kits beach all the beautiful people mooch about in bikinis that are not designed to be used as swimwear. My husband likes this. Everyone’s dogs are friendly. Two tipsy and enthusiastic guys buy you your coffee because you can tell them where the best nearest pub is. That pub is just a stumble across the road. And it has a burger stand.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, ahem, I don’t get out much to enjoy the long, luscious evenings. But that’s okay. There is more than enough to enjoy during the day and the weekends. Just check out this fantastic icy-pop /ice-block / icy-pole / ice lolly I enjoyed on Sunday. A lovely young fellow casually rode by us, as we walked home from Granville Island market, with a curious, little freezer attached to his bike. He stopped, when we rubber-necked, and sold us incredible icy fresh pops. Now I want to try all the flavours – Strawberry basil, Blueberry Honey Lavender, Raspberry Chocolate…good golly! I had the Cucumber Lime Chilli and it was suckerpunch to the taste buds. Sour, hot, sweet. Unusual, delicious, refreshing. Gotta love that. Just another example of how surprising and magical a BC summer can be….

Cucumber Lime Chilli. Nom, nom, nom.

The Icy Fresh pops magical selling machine.

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