A week of breakfasts. Wednesday.

Breakfast for the three bears.

Baby bear has blueberries and peaches and thick greek yoghurt, Mama bear has the same with granola and Papa bear likes the granola and the berries but is not a fan of the yoghurt. How lovely to start the day together, everyone around the table sharing a meal. And…Baby bear managed to keep the food off the floor!

My Swedish friends, Lena and Ida, used to light candles for breakfast. It struck me as so strange to light candles for a meal usually so rushed and uninteresting. It seemed too…romantic?? Now I kind of get it, particularly during winter mornings. The sun is so shy, you can barely drag your bones out of bed, you need something to celebrate. And why not breakfast? Breakfast with family, breakfast with friends, breakfast with your pup resting his / her head on your bare foot. This week of breakfasts has given me a new appreciation for this humble meal. It’s the meal we often give the least thought to and yet the one that kick-starts and sets the tone for the day.

I’m sorry, dear Breakfast, that I took you for granted for so long. No more! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship….

Happy Wednesday, one and all!

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