A week of breakfasts.

I never used to like breakfast that much. A friend once proclaimed “I think about breakfast as I’m going to bed, I’m so excited to get up and eat breakfast!” Her enthusiasm was very suspicious. I wondered what she had been smoking.

But now? I love breakfast. It is a meal filled with possibilities. I was recently meandering through the delightful Old Faithful Shop in Gastown (a quick pause for Wren to pat the resident french bulldog) when I came across this beautiful book –  A Year of Mornings. Each morning, for a year, two friends (who have only met in person once!) photographed something from their day before the clock hit noon. They posted the photographs on a blog. The blog turned into a book. Often the photos contain food or cutlery, a coffee cup, breakfast.

This book got me thinking about my beloved breakfasts. It’s hard to share my breakfast passion with a 15 month old who just wants to throw toast (butter-side down, of course) on the floor for me to pick up. I wonder if you’ll indulge me and let me share them with you instead? Yes?

I’ll assume yes. Here is instalment one, Thursday:

Summer peach, thick greek yoghurt, granola. Cup of Earl Grey tea.



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