Ladurée, ooh la la!

Guess what my sister-in-law, Louise, just sent me for my birthday? Direct from you-know-where

Good things come in small packages.

I just know you want to see inside. Am I right? Okay, here goes…

The treats! Macarons from Ladurée, Champs-Elysee.

Voila! Direct from La-Ville Lumiere (City of Lights) herself, can you believe it?!

I think there was a 3 second pause before I jumped up and grabbed my camera, so these pictures are as fresh as you’re going to get. Actually, the poor little loves (bless them) had suffered a bit in the mail, but I think they are so gorgeous to look at it doesn’t matter that they weren’t in tip-top eating condition. Besides, gloat-gloat, I have my memories of being in Paris, in this very cafe to draw on (I know, I know, I feel jealous of myself right now. Come back, past, all is forgiven!) And, to take us to that magical place, I found this magnificent picture of the Champs-Elysee store on Adam Goldberg’s blog A Life Worth Eating (read it, you won’t regret it). I hope he doesn’t mind that I borrow it, because I tried to take a similar photo myself and the Laduree staff just about removed me from the premises. Adam must be a lot more endearing than I am. Or stealthy. Probably a lot less giggly and squeal-y. At any rate, I’m impressed. The store really is just like this in real life. So elegant. So chic. So…sigh….French.

Champs-Elysee Ladurée

I can happily report that the caramel macaron stood up to the pressures of transit the best. It was sweet and salty, the filling still rich and smooth. My husband is gonna kill me for not saving him a single crumb. So, in case anyone is taking a jaunt to Paris anytime soon, that’s the one I am placing my order for…

(Merci, merci, merci, and merci to Louise, Fox, Jimmy and Grace for the delightful birthday surprise. You just made my day, week and year. Love and miss you all x)

Oh alright, one more picture just to turn you truly green…

A little crushed, but not in spirit – Viva la France!

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