Fig and Anise.

Terra Breads' Fig & Anise.

This bread makes me want to add a whole new chapter to The Colour of Tea, just so I can use this flavour combination for a title. Fig and Anise. Wow. Sweet and liquorice-y. This is hands-down one of the best breads to toast and then slather, generously, with butter.

This loaf is one of Terra Breads creations, a local company that bakes just about a stone’s throw from my apartment. Thankfully, it is a smidge further than a stone’s throw (unless you have a very good throwing arm) and thankfully the loaves are not big, otherwise I’d be turning into a Fig and Anise loaf myself.

Now I am daydreaming about the perfect tea accompaniment. Perhaps an Earl Grey, if you were having it for breakfast, or a spicy chai to make it an afternoon snack. But, if you’re like me, you can’t possibly wait for a kettle to boil and will resort to hovering, somewhat murderously, over the toaster with butter in one hand and knife in the other….


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