Paper passion.

Confession. I am a bit of a (uninformed, enthusiastic, novice) paper art nut. Remember Maurice Gee’s stop motion book trailer? Well, in truth, it all started with a post by Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini. She gave a nudge to say “look at this” by Anastassia Elias, and I did and I was mesmerized.

Did you ever make dioramas at primary school? Anastassia’s work strikes me as the much much cleverer adult version. Who knew entire worlds could exist in toilet paper rolls?!

Bianca Chang’s work, on the other hand, has a more elegant, slightly aloof kind of whimsy to it. The delicate works unfolding and evolving in the video are a beautiful thing to watch. I was reminded of seeing a tide retreating from a shore, shell and driftwood left behind.

I know there is a rumour being whispered around that paper has seen its day. Digital readers are taking over, paper is just too heavy and expensive. This art strikes me as something of a battle cry. Paper isn’t dead! Evolving, perhaps, beautifying…. but not dead. What a way to cherish a material so ubiquitous and so often unappreciated.

Thank you, Bianca. Merci beaucoup, Anastassia.


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