We are lucky enough to have an apartment full of lots of natural light. This is a huge blessing when you live in Vancouver and it is grey and pouring rain a good chunk of the year. It’s particularly nice in Fall and Spring. But when summer hits it becomes a roasting tray. I’m not complaining, there is a park and a beach across the road to escape to. There is a cafe downstairs. I am a happy bunny.

But on really hot days, the midday sun high in the sky, I look at my daughter, Wren, with some degree of envy. While I rush around the house having a shower, throwing on laundry, emptying the dishwasher, getting some lunch for the two of us…  she slumbers. I’ve just crept upstairs to see if she was still sleeping and yup, out cold. She has her little diapered bottom sticking up in the air and her blankie curled into her fist and she looks oh so content….and cool!

We call this time ‘nap-nap’, the re-charging she needs before she hits the afternoon full tilt. Wren has very few speeds, two in fact – fast and faster. My Mum always comments “she is a very busy baby, isn’t she?” Yes, Nonna, places to see, people to talk to! I used to nap with her when she was very small, because she was waking me up so often at night. Cooking and cleaning went to wreck and ruin (yay! down with housework! viva la revolution!). It was lovely. An hour or two, falling sleep listening to the neighbour’s windchimes or the distant drone of a motormower. Now that is a summer sound. Then, waking up to a bright-eyed baby and a clear head. Bliss.

I think I might have to reinstate ‘nap-nap’ for ‘Mum-Mum’. Hey, we should all do it! Let’s start a nationwide movement! I hear those wily Europeans are onto it already. I think they call it siesta….

The good old daze.

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