Signing books…such an honour.

Here we go – finally – some snaps of The Colour of Tea launch in Sydney, Australia! What an afternoon. Two short hours to unravel my nerves, untie my tongue, deliver a speech, catch up with everyone who was so kind to come out and sign some books. Such an incredible experience to be able to celebrate the book being born into the world, the end of a journey and the beginning of one too. Here’s the synopsis, in pics…

Miss Little, Sarah to us, sings like an angel. As always.

Gorgeous Amanda, a Macau compadre, lends her support to TCOT.

A very patient, supportive, friendly crowd at Berkelouw Books, Leichardt

The (great!) Pan Macmillan crew.

My biggest cheerleader. And vice versa.

I want to say a big thank you to Bill, Vincent & Michelle (plus team) from Patisse, for supplying book-inspired macarons – divine! Another huge thank you to Shane Schipper from Bayleaf photography – both friend and talent. Merci merci to Miss Little, the beautiful and warm-hearted Sarah McCallum, for gracing us with music. Alex Craig, Caitlin Neville, Emma Rafferty and the Pan Macmillan team – thank you so much for the help and support, and for joining party-time! Hugs to Wendy Ballesty for working the woogle magic and making it all happen (despite, ahem, ‘obstacles’) and my-man-on-the-scene, Paul Ballesty, for being both MC and number one cheerleader – hey, we did it! Mama (Glen), Poppacino (Rob), Greg, Kendall and Steve – thanks for making it across that ditch. Big, big love. It always makes me so very happy to see my Tunnys (including those Sydney ones!). And to the big-of-heart tribe of Ballestys (extra-‘specially Paul and Wendy, Brad and Sue, Tex and Ayesha, Louise and Andrew, Patrick and Jasmin) – couldn’t have done it without you all, I mean that, thank you so much for your support. Did I forget one? Or two? Oh yes, my Ballestys – Matt, you are phenomenal, I can’t think of another way to say it. I am beyond lucky. And Wren, you were so very, very good. Mumma says “Ta”.

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