Love in Hawaii Five-0

So I googled it. ‘Hawaii Five – O’ is named because Hawaii is the 50th state in America. Well, well, there you go, you learn something new every day…


As you might have read, I was recently in Hawaii for my friends’ wedding. There was no veil or heavy bouquet, no giving away of the bride (the bride and groom clung to each other for their walk down the grassy aisle, being of the shy persuasion and nervous about speaking up in public). There wasn’t a multi-tiered cake or a choreographed dance, there wasn’t even a roof. But there was a lot of love. The sun grilled us as a handsome relief of a breeze sauntered up from the beach. The dinner table held around twenty close family and friends and overhead strings of lights were slung around the palm trees. To finish the evening there was a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream bar, a perfect and simple end to a perfect and simple day.

This doesn’t have much to do with writing or career change or macarons or tea, or any of the usual things I write about. Except that I do like a story with a generous dose of love poured in, I can’t imagine writing without it. Romantic love, the love between friends, maternal love, the love and courage to chance it all and commit to someone, wholeheartedly. To Brad and Alex, who have done just this, warm congratulations. Wishing you a wonderful life, full of nights under strings of lights, warm breezes, laughter, ice-cream sundaes, good company and loving friendship.

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