Damn good breakfast.

I am having a hallelujah moment. The sun is out in Vancouver! I can’t explain the joy and rapture a sunny morning here gives me, this Downunder gal living in the Northern hemisphere. Although I notice that everyone, locals included, looks pretty darn cheery, if not slightly dazed. Like we have all just crawled out of hibernation. Passers-by look you in the eye and there is a little flicker of recognition between you both, as if to say “Hey there. We made it through winter. Yay for us.”

Yay for us, indeed. This morning we sauntered (yes, sauntered) down to a (brand name, ubiquitous) coffee shop, picked up coffees / teas and a breakfast sandwich each and sat by the beach soaking up rays. Then (more sauntering) over to the playground to watch my daughter beam at the “big kids” and go on the swings We bumped into friends. The breakfast sandwiches were damn good. The sun shone. And the beat went on.

It was a damn good breakfast.

Oh, and in honour of great breakfasts, I had to share with you this incredible video (above) made by Bruton Stroube Studios, called Breakfast Interrupted. It is sensational. They have even posted a behind the scenes view.

I hope you too have a damn good breakfast and a great weekend. Go, Canucks, Go!


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