See this little guy? Waiting on a porch? As the sun sets on another day? That is me, waiting for the author copies of The Colour of Tea to arrive.

I split my author copies three ways so that a third went to my in-laws in Australia (arrived) and a third to my parents in New Zealand (arrived) and the final third are winging their way here, to me, in Vancouver. NOT arrived! Arrrggghhh! The agony!

Patience seems to be the lesson du jour. My daughter arrived three weeks post her due date, after a veeeeery looooong labour. I won’t tell you exactly how long because the number has a strong contraceptive effect. With that experience under my belt you’d think I could easily wait a few more days…

Sigh, Nope. I am impatient by nature. C’mon, Postie…!

PS. The pictured pooch is from Saltspring Island, resident of Foxglove Farms, the incredible organic farm, school and accommodation run by Michael Ableman.

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