Weekend of blessings.

Yet another bloomin’ great Spring weekend. A weekend full of cake, guests, dogs, conversation and good company. A weekend of blessings.

On Saturday we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday, the house overrun with children (who all seemed to learn how to pick their noses at the same time), Dads having a couple of cold beers and Mamas cuddling one another’s babes. Today we ate leftover cake for breakfast, relished the May sunshine pouring in and headed out for a dim sum lunch. A Mother’s day itinerary most perfect for this particular Mama.

I was yet again overwhelmed by friends’ generosity, celebrating the life of our little girl with us and providing a soundtrack for the weekend of laughter and stories. I especially loved all the women in my house, drying dishes in the kitchen, wiping tears, rolling eyes and knocking hips.

The finale? Eating chocolate in front of the television, ignoring the furniture that needs moving back and dishes that should be put away. And not just any chocolate. Remember Mast Brothers chocolate? My good friend went to New York and brought back a bar just for me. Does it get any sweeter than that?

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