May I introduce: Cinnamon Pu-erh.

Cinnamon Heart by David's Tea

Roll up, roll up! Welcoming the new “Tea of the Month” for May – an incredible pu’erh tea heavily flavoured with cinnamon.  Added in: some orange peel and cloves, a little chinese black tea to round it all off. It’s like spending Christmas in Shangri-La. Ooh la la!

Cinnamon Heart comes from David’s Tea, a Canadian tea chain awash with good looking staff, (complete with asymmetrical haircuts and probably a few literary tattoos under the shirt sleeves), and, of course, great tea. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my bank balance there is a David’s Tea store about five blocks from my home.

I warn you now, Cinnamon Heart is no girly, namby-pamby tea. The flavours and aromas are heavy, they pack a serious punch. You can lighten it up with milk to get a ‘fruit cake and cream’ kind of taste, or leave it as is, steeping it long and letting it get it blacker than black. If I brew it this way I pair it with a plate of unashamedly-foreign-and-out-of-season, sticky, freshly sliced mango.

This is the perfect tea to write with. It not only slaps you about the chops with that spicy cinnamon flavour but apparently pu-erh tea is great for stabilizing your blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. If only it would jump out of the cup and write a few pages for me.


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  2. […] I took an Intrepid trip that went from Kunming to Dali to Shangri-La to Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang and back to Kunming, essentially covering the heart of this south-western province which borders Burma, Laos and Vietnam. It was a pretty sensational holiday. The villages were tiny, inviting and cosy. The tea was always hot and good. The scenery was jaw-dropping. See my photo above for evidence. Shangri-La (Tibetan monasteries and meandering yaks) and Lijiang (cradled by mountains, pretty tiled roofs) were standout places not to mention the hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge where my breath was taken away. Literally. I needed help from a man and his donkey with my embarassingly light backpack. I have very fond memories of this wonderful trip, which kindled a romance with pu-erh tea… […]

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