Get Inked.

So, you love books, do you? Huh? Are you sure? Do ya really?
Here’s a test… How’s about putting a line or two of your favourite novel / verse / poem down the side of your leg / arm / back. If you’re really committed like you say you are. No, not in ballpoint (like you used to scribble notes for school exams onto sweaty palms) I mean, like, permanent. is dedicated to “literary tattoos. That is, tattoos based on books, poems, lyrics, and many other literary sources”.Well, at the risk of sounding a little Nana-esque, I never knew there was such a genre: literary tattoos. Goes to show just how little I know about tattoos. Seeing is believing; I think you should check it out. Some are quite beautiful.
Speaking of wordy inkings I met a woman the other day who had “always loved” tattooed in Ukrainian down her forearm. It’s how her mother used to sign her letters when she was living in a boarding school. I love the idea that two simple words can mean so much and evoke so much memory. I ask you, how can a person not be in love with words?? In saying that I’m too indecisive to commit to just a couple of words or lines, I’m much too flighty for that. No literary tattoos for me. But my hat gets tipped to those that get inked in the name of book love.
*PS. I’m a bit scared for the demure, blouse-wearing woman in this photo. I’m less worried about the needle – which she seems perfectly comfortable with – and more concerned about the pack of tattooed ruffians watching on…Creepy.

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