Granville Greens.



Cups for tea

I know I keep harping on about sunshine, but you wouldn’t believe the kind of sun-hunger that can happen to a person when they’ve been starved of rays for so long. We’ve had a few consecutive light-filled days and I am feeling skippy.

I thought I’d celebrate the change of season by posting some creative inspiration in the key of green. All the photos were taken at Granville Island market, that most wondrous and bountiful Vancouver institution. I saw lots of fruit and vegetables I had never encountered before including miniature watermelons, chayotes and ambrosia apples. Which just goes to show that Spring can still surprise us with new things. Hope you enjoy the snaps.

Here’s to chlorophyll; long may it rein!

Spot the green snail dying to be let out to play in the sunshine…

Oh so lonesome.

Ambrosia apples

Basket of limes

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