Debut Mondays @ The Wheeler Centre


Absolutely thrilled to broadcast that I am speaking at June’s Debut Mondays at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. That is, the one and only Melbourne. Victoria. Australia. City of the perfect crema, a restaurant for every taste, blue-sky mornings, the sound of rattling trams…it is even a UNESCO City of Literature. Sigh! I used to live in Melbourne and seek out any excuse to go back. And this particular excuse is a doozy.

The Wheeler Centre is dedicated to the discussion and practice of writing and ideas. They host a ton of lectures and events throughout the year all with this aim in mind. Basically, a bunch of fantastic booky people hosting booky events to celebrate all things booky. All within a gorgeous building featuring a stairwell lined with Florence Broadhurst wallpaper (Hmm. What horrible jobs they have. Not jealous at all.)

Most inspiring is that they don’t just host important, famous authors that can easily generate a throng, but also unknown, unimportant writers like……Me! In saying that I am already feeling intimidated by the incredible, talented company I have for the 20th of June event. Including: Favel Parrett, whose debut novel “Past the Shallows” is getting rave reviews, even before hitting the shelves (yes, someone actually referenced Tim Winton, go Favel!!) and Alison Wong, a fellow kiwi, whose debut novel “As the Earth turns Silver” won the NZ Post Book award for Fiction. My Mum was engrossed in this very book when she last came to visit, while I laboured through final edits for The Colour of Tea. Poet Amy May Nunn and I finish off the lineup; so, a sort of literary version of the Spice Girls? Charlie’s Angels? Watch out Melbourne Town.

If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne and would like to come along, the details are: Monday 20 June, 2011, 6.15 – 7.15pm at the wonderful Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street.

Would love to see you there!

PS. Yes, that image is the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper in the Wheeler Centre stairwell. And yes, sigh, I do have an unhealthy obsession with Florence Broadhurst wallpaper / carpets / anything. I admit it.

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