Writing place – 90 square feet.

Just don’t have the space to write, work, start a project of passion? Need a bigger desk? A studio? A room with a view? Come on, we’ve all thought it – ‘I can’t possibly create here! I need a bigger X, a glass of X, a plate of X and complete silence interspersed with monks chanting softly!’

Here’s a video that will make you blush – an interview with a woman (Felice Cohen) who lives in a 90 square foot apartment and manages to both write and create art. No guesses about her other job (of course she can fit in another job, this woman is an expert ‘fitter-inner’!). Yes, that’s right, she’s an organization expert.

Well, she has my applause. I love that she doesn’t just tolerate  the (lack of) space, but embraces it, celebrates it. Her face lights up when she talks about it. I don’t mean to sound overly cheesy (but make no apologies for it) but I think it reflects how doing work that you love can make some inconveniences insignificant.

Thanks to my friend Rachelle Delaney, for posting this link on her blog for me to blatantly thieve. Rachelle is an award-winning children’s author, employee of the David Suzuki Foundation and all-round lovely and talented person. She manages to generate all her wonderful-ness from a 550 square foot apartment.

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