Seeking sunshine.

I want to be a magical kind of ER doctor that can scream out requests like “SUNSHINE, STAT!” Yes, yes, I know I live in a temperate rainforest and I know that the rain is the reason for all the lovely, local fruit and vege we get to eat, but today I need light. Warm, buttery lashings of the stuff.

I am so inspired and influenced by colour. When it is dark and grey my writing slips down lonely paths and lurks in psychological muckiness. Conversely, a daffodil day gets my characters kissing and making up, cooking omelettes for each other in the morning. Perhaps part of the explanation why I just cannot seem to write sequentially?! Ah, this creative ‘thing’ is so moody and fickle.

Well. Seeing as I cannot boss about Mother Nature and order up sunshine, here are some photos of lovely, domestic yellow things that give me inspiration (and hope for a brighter day tomorrow)



Lemon cupcakes

The pics are: my daughter’s amber teething necklace, lemon cupcakes (later topped with cream cheese icing, sprinkled with lemon zest and eaten quickly), my mustard-coloured laptop bag (love.) and the books in my shelves with yellow spines.

I colour sorted my bookshelf after watching this bookshelf stop motion. You should try it. It is, unashamedly, a complete time waster but the delightful thing is how representative the yellow section is. Anne of Ingleside, Resident’s guide to Vancouver, Kingsolver’s The Lacuna… It makes me feel a little radiant just looking at it.

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