How I got here, part four.

There I was. Gainfully unemployed and with two pieces of information I was unsure what to do with. Firstly, my lists of what made me feel good and what didn’t and what made me fall down a rabbit-hole of curiosity. Essentially they informed me of two things – what I was interested in and how I liked to work.

Being a complicated case (aren’t we all?) the lists didn’t match up with a clear and obvious job description. For example, I craved creativity and new ideas and sinking into my own worlds and yet I was utterly fascinated by people. I needed to be with people, I needed to connect with people and I loved to listen and talk and give advice. I was a social, creative, sometimes-hermit who was drawn to photography, new concepts, thought-provoking novels with happy endings,  human psychology, interior design and thick slices of toasted banana bread?

I had to do something with the information I had, as nebulous as it was. I was starting to get cabin fever. I decided sort my “data” as much as I could.

That led me to three themes that seemed worth exploring further. And, here they are:

  1. Teaching & Organisational development,
  2. Career Coaching,
  3. Writing.

Did they cover the full spectrum of my enthusiasms? No. But they seemed manageable and tangible. I figured, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

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