The Final Countdown.

From pile to paperback.

This?…….this right here?…..This is about to become a book. Notes, drafts, pictures torn from magazines, articles, references, letters, scribblings made in the insomniac’s half-light of 2 am…. Not to mention all the documents and references kept in soft copy. This pile is easily quadrupled if you add the stuff I didn’t print (I am trying to be a very teeny bit environmentally responsible).

So when you are reading about how I got here, this is The Here. A few days away from submitting replies to my editor’s final queries. A few short months away from seeing my baby in print. I would like to be modest and humble and coy but I can’t seem to. All I want to do is run down the street whooping and waving my arms about.

Normally not one to relish a fine tooth comb I am strangely happy to be browsing over the remaining, final tweaks of the manuscript. Details are not always my strong suit (I’m the woman with the unnoticed pull in her stocking that is speedily laddering down the part of her leg she forgot to shave) but this is a joy. This is like reminiscing over a good, first date. Teasing apart the minuscule details: the surprisingly comfortable pauses, the tannin tingle of red wine, every millisecond of that kiss. It feels like I am holding on to it before it evaporates from my possession. This is it. When I am finished with these edits it will be out of my hands.

And, hopefully, into yours.

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