How I got here, part two.

So. Following my natural enthusiasms. Sounds good, right? Easy? But… I had a small problem.

I wasn’t exactly sure what my natural enthusiasms were. I had a much better idea of what I was unenthusiastic about and what I was not good at. I had quite a long list of those things. My natural enthusiasms were a lot more elusive. Why? Probably because I had ignored them for so long. I guess I had let the poor things dessicate over the course of doing what I thought I oughtta. Shoulda instead of coulda. Confused yet? I needed to find out what floated my boat. Like, really floated my boat.

How to do that? Well, I did a lot of surfing. Not the wrapped-in-the-icy embrace-of-a-wild-ocean kind. I’m not even close to being that cool. I mean surfing…the Internet. This is where I began. Trawling blogs, watching (semi-obsessively), blog-stalking Ruth Ozeki to see if she’d released a new book… I cast my net. I fished. I observed what made me smile, what made me curious and most importantly, what made me lose track of time.

And I did lose track. Some might call this a waste of time but I wholeheartedly disagree. Because noticing what sparked my interest and curiosity led me into the next part of the journey…

p.s. apologies for the mixed bag of sea, surf, boat, fish references, I caught the metaphor wave and couldn’t seem to get off 😉

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